Twitter is adding new icons. Such changes have been prepared by the platform

Twitter announced on Friday that it was introducing new icons. Selected users of the service started to notice the changes a little earlier and now the platform has confirmed them. The appearance of some of them has been slightly modified. However, they all have one thing in common and that is noticeably thicker lines.

Some users of the Twitter platform have recently started to notice some changes to the service. These are new icons for various elements that have been spotted in the app. The creators of the popular social network spoke on the matter on Friday and confirmed that they are indeed making such modifications.

The new Twitter icons have one feature in common. They are thicker outlines in relation to the previous ones. At the same time, the developers have slightly modified the appearance of some of them. This applies, for example, to the shortcut to the homepage or the bell responsible for notifications.

Whether these changes introduced by Twitter, which is soon to be bought by Elon Musk, are a plus, you will have to judge for yourselves. The boldness of the icons alone has made them clearer. The modifications are already being implemented on both the service’s website and its mobile app.

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