Top 10: The Best Sports Movies on Netflix

Sports emotions accompany us not only while watching the match but also in the cinema or in front of our favorite VOD service. We have prepared for you a dozen of the best sports movies that are available to watch on the Netflix platform.

The best sports movies on Netflix – TOP 10

“Hustle” (2022)

The film is about an aging sports manager and talent hunter who meets a younger, very talented basketball player. A man tries to make his new client an NBA player. The main role was played by Adam Sandler, and the talented athlete was played by Juancho Hernangómez, who is a real basketball player from Madrid. He has represented Spain in the sport and makes his debut as an actor in “Throwing of a Life”. Queen Latifah, Robert Duvall and Raúl Castillo are also cast.

“Creed” (2015)

Years ago, Sylvester Stallone played the legendary boxer Rocky Balboa, and in 2015 the sports drama “Creed” was released, which is a spin-off of the Rocky series. We meet a certain Adonis (Michael B. Jordan), who is the son of Apollo Creed – the hero of “Rocky IV”. The boy dreams of a career in the big world of professional boxing, and to achieve his goal, he turns to his father’s former rival. Stallone returns, of course, as the iconic Philadelphia tough guy. You will also see “Creed II” on Netflix, and “three” will be released in theaters this fall.

“Conor McGregor: Notorious” (2017)

He used to make ends meet with difficulty, now he wears furs and is driven by expensive carts. The Irish MMA champion reveals the story of his ups and downs. (plot outline – Netflix)

A sports documentary about the life and career of Conor McGregor – probably the most famous fighter in the world of mixed martial arts, UFC champion, and Cage Warriors. McGregor, also known under the eloquent nickname “Notorious”, was named the world’s best-paid athlete by “Forbes” – in 2021 he reportedly earned a whopping $ 180 million. The film – with guest appearances by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dana White – is primarily a proposal for fans of the famous bearded man.

Netflix sports films – TOP 10 ranking

“Ronaldo” (2015)

This biographical portrait of the famous Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo follows his career and private life, revealing the glories and shadows of fame. (plot outline – Netflix)

Another documentary – this time with the hottest name in the world of football. This film documents the life and mindset of Cristiano Ronaldo and goes back to his childhood days. The project consists of interviews with the Manchester United player, but also his contacts with his family and loved ones – including his son, Cristiano Junior.

“Jungleland” (2019)

When a boxer and his manager – his twin brother – fall into debt, they must travel across the country to take part in a brutal barefoot tournament. (plot outline – Netflix)

Charlie Hunnam and Jack O’Connell in an attractively filmed sports drama that explores brotherly love and tells of broken dreams. 

“Goon: Last of the Enforcers” (2017)

The second part of the comedy series with the participation of Sean William Scott – known incl. from American Pie. Immortal screen Steve Stifler appears here as the steadfast hockey player Doug Glatt, who has plans to retire early after an injury, but it turns out that hockey is his whole life. Doug confronts his former, worst enemy. The film is mainly an attraction for fans of Scott, who has repeatedly proved that he has a great sense of gag and a knack for comedy – here it is similar.

Best Sports Movies – Netflix

“Kliczko” (2011)

The brothers Vitaly and Vladimir Klitschko, who reached for the highest boxing laurels, honestly tell about their lives and their relationship. (plot outline – Netflix)

The description speaks for itself – the film directed by Sebastian Dehnhardt is an intimate look at two exceptionally ambitious, but also sensitive and brave brothers who have mixed up a lot on the professional boxing scene. Recently, both gentlemen have attracted the attention of the whole world as they fought for peace in war-torn Ukraine . They actively strive for normal life in the country to reign again – and for this they deserve respect and admiration.

“Concussion” (2015)

A drama based on the authentic story of a forensic pathologist who discovered a controversial link between injuries in NFL players and disruptions in their brains. (plot outline – Netflix)

Will Smith, Alec Baldwin, and Luke Wilson in the award-winning Peter Landesman film, which was produced by Ridley Scott. The picture earned Smith nominations for Black Spool, Golden Globe and MTV Awards, as well as a Hollywood Film Award.

“Generation Iron 3” (2018)

Documentary about bodybuilding competitors preparing for the prestigious Mr. Olympia. In the third installment of the surprisingly popular series (surprisingly, because bodybuilding is a niche sport), there are such titled athletes as Hadi Choopan, Kai Greene, Regan Grimes, Rafael Brandao, and Chris Bumstead.

“Space Jam” (1996)

Yes – you read that right. “Cosmic Match” is a film about sports, and at the same time a cult family comedy that has been making viewers smile for years. The movie where Michael Jordan and Bunny Buggs team up as they dribble together on the dance floor and fight aliens deserve a high spot in any top title rankings. I said what I said.

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