Smartphone industry with another big drop in sales

Analysts at Canalys have published their latest report on the health of the smartphone industry in the third quarter of this year. The sales figures leave no illusions – manufacturers are facing a sharp decline in interest in new devices.

In the third quarter of this year – according to data in a report by Canalys – 297.8 million smartphone units were shipped to customers. This figure is only seemingly impressive, but it is not very pleasant news for mobile device manufacturers.

For it turns out that smartphone sales have fallen by as much as 9 per cent compared to the same time period a year ago. This represents a reduction in shipments of as many as nearly 28 million devices.

The sales leaders, translated by region, are of course Europe and Asia Pacific. Interestingly, despite high inflation and a rolling recession, there has been increased interest in premium models, especially from Samsung and Apple.

At the top of the pile among the largest manufacturers is invariably Samsung, although sales were down by 5.3 million units compared to the same time period a year ago. In second place, however, is Apple, which is the only manufacturer in the top five to increase sales of its mobile devices from 49.2 million to 53 million units.

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