Popular platform will sell AI-created images

One of the best-known platforms for the commercial sale of images, Shutterstock, has announced the introduction of AI-generated images to its offering. The company has formed a partnership with OpenAI – owner of the popular DALL-E generator

Image generators based on artificial intelligence have been a real hit in recent months – tools such as DALL-E 2 show that machine learning and new technologies are truly powerful tools.

Now, however, it is the turn of this interesting concept to be monetised – the giant of the photo and image trading market, Shutterstock, has announced an extensive partnership with OpenAI. Under this agreement, the portal will sell images generated through DALL-E 2.

Shutterstock will offer direct access to the service via its website and, by charging users, will compensate the creators of the photos used to develop the AI-generated technology. Furthermore, the company will also pay royalties to the artists of images and photos that are used by AI.

Importantly, Shutterstock will prohibit the trading of images generated through platforms other than those created by OpenAI. This is to facilitate proper identification of content used by users, as well as monetary compensation for authors of source material. The entire project is expected to launch in its final version in the coming months.

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