Lufthansa bans AirTags. Passengers ridicule carriers by tracking lost luggage themselves

Unfortunately, lost checked baggage is not uncommon in air travel and can cause quite a bit of unpleasantness. That’s why passengers try to secure their suitcases and bags on their own by hiding AirTags from Apple in them. Surprisingly, however, Lufthansa is the first airline to ban such actions.

Apple’s AirTag can have a lot of interesting uses, and one pretty practical one is tracking checked baggage during air travel. Fearing the loss of their belongings and potential scuffles with airport staff, people have started using AirTags to track where their luggage is, potentially making it easier to locate if the carrier mishaps. But not everyone is enthusiastic about the idea; German airline Lufthansa was the first to just ban this tracking method.

Twitter is full of people expressing frustration with Lufthansa because they know exactly where their checked baggage is while the airline refuses to help.

According to the airline, AirTags fall under the category of mobile electronic devices, which means they are regulated by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). They require that any electronic device in checked baggage be completely turned off and not transmit any signal. However, transmitting a location signal is the primary purpose of the AirTag – it doesn’t make sense to put it turned off in luggage. Lufthansa, however, cites this regulation to avoid future problems with passengers finding their lost luggage on their own. This carrier doesn’t have a reputation for being sympathetic to customers, and it shows it once again.

The problem with Lufthansa is that even information about the exact location of your luggage may not be very helpful when the airline is uncooperative. Despite the fact that the user knows exactly where their luggage is, Lufthansa cites its “investigation” that the whereabouts of the lost luggage is unknown. According to posts on social media, this situation is not unusual.

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