HP has included a screenshot of macOS in a Windows laptop ad

HP has produced a commercial to showcase the ‘perfect laptop’. This is supposed to be one of the brand’s models, which runs on the Windows operating system. However, there was a slip-up and a screenshot of macOS, the software owned by Apple, was placed on the computer screen.

Marketing blunders do not escape computer manufacturers either. One was made by HP, which featured a Windows laptop in one of its adverts. Unfortunately, the graphic designer who worked on the graphics made a blunder and put something else instead of the screen from Microsoft’s operating system.

HP’s ad dedicated to the ‘perfect laptop’ seen below shows not Windows, but macOS on the computer screen. The graphic designer who prepared the graphic made a slip-up and included a screenshot of Apple-owned software, as indicated by, among other things, the top bar, where you can see the logo with the bitten apple or the design of the icons.

As we are well aware, Apple does not lend its operating system to other computer manufacturers under licence. It is therefore impossible for an HP-branded laptop to run macOS software. This is a simple slip-up by the graphic designer responsible for preparing this advertisement.

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