How interesting is the official trailer for the series “The Last Of Us”. Yes, it just hit the net

It may start out a bit like True Detective , but then things get back on track. The premiere of the series – 2023.

Just like the series of games, the events of the series will start two decades after the global apocalypse. The main character, Joel, undertakes an escort of teenage Ellie to a group of people from the Firefly organization. However, many people stand in their way – both infected and healthy people who, faced with the new reality, have lost what remains of their humanity.

The Last Of Us game was released in June 2013 and instantly became a classic. It is considered one of the greatest titles of all time; Empire magazine wrote that it will become what Citizen Kane is for cinema – a timeless icon, a point of reference for the next generation of filmmakers. So far, it has sold tens of millions of copies. Initially, a film was to be made based on it, but in March 2020 it was announced that, yes, there will be a film adaptation, but a series.

We will see Pedro Pascal ( The Mandalorian, Narcos ) and Bella Ramsey ( Game of Thrones ) in the main roles . In the background there will be, among others Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, who voiced the characters Joel and Ellie in the game. The trailer shows moments that are well known to fans of the game. But they are afraid that the production may be flattened for the needs of television, that it will lack the weight and darkness emblematic for the game. Is it right? Bearing in mind the many series from HBO, you should probably not expect that this particular station will play with regular censorship.

So much for the trailer, and we haven’t shown it to you yet. We are fixing this:

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