Falcon Heavy getting ready for launch. SpaceX’s biggest rocket has not flown for three years

Falcon Heavy is currently SpaceX’s largest rocket that is commercially available. Its last mission took place more than three years ago, but the company is preparing for its next flight. It will take place in Florida. SpaceX plans to use the Falcon Heavy rocket on the USSF-44 mission carried out for the U.S. Space Force.

SpaceX is preparing for another mission using the Falcon Heavy rocket, which consists of three first stages. It was last used more than three years ago and we know that it will be used many times in the future, as the relevant contracts have been signed by NASA, among others.

Falcon Heavy will soon be flying into space again. The big rocket will be used for the USSF-44 mission, which will be carried out for the U.S. Space Force. It will launch two satellites that will be placed into geostationary orbit. The mission is not expected to take place until 31 October at the earliest and is sure to be a spectacular launch.

The famous Pad 39A located at the John F. Kennedy Space Center in Florida was chosen as the site. We know that SpaceX will be attempting to recover two side stages of the Falcon Heavy rocket. The middle one is expected to fall into the ocean.

Falcon Heavy is currently SpaceX’s most powerful rocket commercially available. It is capable of lifting payloads of more than 63 t into space. A larger capacity will be offered by Starship with its first stage called Super Heavy.

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