Best Mobile Games. Top 10 Games to play

Games on phones have long ceased to be simple titles in which we ate apples with a snake or shot at incoming pixels. Today, these are big-budget productions that graphically match games from Nintendo Switch or the previous generation of consoles. However, we know that taking the first steps in mobile gaming can be difficult, because many of the names sound very similar, plus they have icons carved according to the same pattern. So we’ve gathered for you the games you may be familiar with from PC and desktop consoles. Games from the series have been successful and famous all over the world.

Best mobile games

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Apex Legends

Respawn studio, producing the best FPP games for EA took on the theme of free-to-play and immediately hit with full force.”Apex Legends” is a representative of the battle royale genre with interesting characters and a lot of weapons, which you can play for some time on smartphones. The best thing about it is that the game presents itself at such a high level that at times it’s hard to believe that we are playing it for free. The game is also available on consoles and PC, but its mobile version was built specifically for smartphones and cannot connect to those platforms.


How about a free online game where you create your own games?” Roblox” allows us to do that, and the best part is that it’s free. Of course, we can not only create and program our own productions but also download free games from other players from a special marketplace. The in-game currency Robux allows us to buy unique items, with which we will later diversify our games. Roblox is available at the moment not only on smartphones, but also on PCs and Xbox consoles, and the game allows you to play together across platforms and share content with each other.

Among Us

A pandemic phenomenon that has captured the hearts of gamers around the world and continues to attract millions of players. It takes several players to play the game, and one player becomes the impostor – trying to not only kill the other players, but to make the ship they’re on crash. The others, of course, are not standing still, trying to not only fix the ship, but also discover who that impostor is. With a large number of players, it could be that instead of one person, two are impostors. The best part is that while PC and console players have to pay for this game, it’s available completely free on smartphones.


Fans of card games are certainly familiar with this title. It can be said that”Hearthstone” is a veteran, which success caused a card game wave on iOS and Android. And even though most of it has gone away, the more than eight-year-old production is doing very well and periodically adds new modes, cards and more additions. The game offers a single-player mode called an adventure, as well as multiplayer modes such as “Duel”, “Arena” and “Tavern Brawl”. In other words – you won’t get bored playing this game.

Fallout Shelter

Released a few years ago for smartphones, “Fallout” instantly won the hearts of players and made its way to consoles and PC. The game draws heavily on the legacy of the “Fallout” series, but the gameplay is completely different – as the overseer of the crypt, we expand it and manage the settlers moving in. Although it’s been a few years since the premiere, 2021 is still being developed and new content is appearing. There have been other free-to-play games on smartphones after the release of “Fallout Shelter” with a similar fun model, but none of these games has been as successful.

Diablo Immortal

“Diablo” is undoubtedly the king of hack’n’slash. It’s hard to believe that the first game of the series appeared in late 1996. Since then, players have been waiting with bated breath for information about the next titles in the series. We have to admit that during the reveal of”Diablo Immortal” most of them panicked about the idea, but that didn’t stop the game from being a huge success on mobile devices. And what attracts masses of players to “Diablo Immortal”? Total, unlimited destruction!

Genshin Impact

Chinese online title heavily inspired by “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” game that you will play on your smartphones, PCs and PlayStation consoles. The dynamic and satisfying combat gives you tons of fun, and the game is being developed all the time. Although the main game is written for a single player, there’s no problem with other players joining in after a while. There’s a ton of characters and various quests to complete, but be warned – it’s a real-time thief. “Genshin Impact” is also a rarity, because so far games from China haven’t really broken through to the West.


Is it still a free-to-play game or already a platform? Looking at the financial results, you can seriously wonder about it. “Fortnite” is the world’s most popular representative of the battle royale genre in the free-to-play model, which everyone can play together (thanks to cross-play), regardless of what they play on. All you need to do is download a free client of the game. Every now and then a new version appears, introducing new characters and story, and in the game we have dozens of well-known heroes (Marvel, DC, Street Fighter, John Wick – you could go on and on). Remember, though, that the game is no longer available on iOS hardware, and the only way to play it on those platforms is through Nvidia’s or Xbox’s cloud services.

Call of Duty: Mobile

“Call of Duty” is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. In 2019, Activision Blizzard decided to bring it to mobile devices as well. And it was a shot in the arm – within a year the game was downloaded by more than 270 million iOS and Android users. The game collects what’s good about big-budget productions and serves it to mobile players in a condensed form. Although the title is a few years old now, it continues to evolve with newly added seasons. This month Activision has served us the eighth, but it certainly won’t stop there.

Pokémon GO

Pokémon have never complained about a lack of popularity, but such a firing of it that took place after the release of the mobile “Pokemon GO” probably no one expected. Niantic studio brought Pokemons to the real world thanks to geolocation and AR technology. Pokemons appeared on a real map of the environment, we had to go to them simply by going to a given place, and by catching a creature we could see it sitting on our desk or bed. Initially, the game offered only the possibility of catching the creatures from the first generation, but over time we began to add more, as well as new options such as multiplayer raids, fights between trainers or special story tasks. The game functions to this day and is still played every day by millions of players around the world.

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