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Barbie as she is, everyone can see. And yet, the hallmark of the famous doll – also in her film version – is that she changes her identity, profession and place of residence like a pair of gloves (she changes her gloves just as readily). The films about Barbie ‘s adventures are distinguished by the fact that almost every one of them takes the children watching them to a different world and a different story. Barbie, like a movie star, impersonates subsequent characters and has already made over thirty films.

These are productions from every possible category: from adaptations of famous fairy tales and fables, through new versions of classic ballets, musicals, adventure films or even science-fiction. In the end, however, they all belong to the same category: “Barbie”. Due to the number of animations featuring Barbie, it can be difficult to find your way around. So we have chosen for you these films which were the most memorable to us, those which had the most interesting idea to play with the popular toy, and those in which Barbie herself turned out the best. In the end we stuck to one category: we had to like the movies. See what titles we chose!

TOP 10: Best films with Barbie in the leading role

Barbie of Swan Lake

“Barbie of Swan Lake” is a fairy tale with wonderful music by Tchaikovsky, in which Barbie appears as Odette, the baker’s daughter. Following in the footsteps of a unicorn, Odette enters the Enchanted Forest. The cruel sorcerer Rotbart turns her into a swan. The fairy queen, however, manages to disenchant Odette, but not completely…. At night Odette is a human, but with the coming of dawn she turns into a swan. But it is Odette, no matter what form she takes, who must save the Enchanted Forest from the evil sorcerer. But how is a young girl, armed only with her courage, honesty, and wits, supposed to do that? Especially when the handsome Prince Daniel falls in love with her at the same time.

Barbie and the Three Musketeers

We all know the movies based on the books by Alexandre Dumas. But do you know the one starring Barbie?”Barbie and the Three Musketeers” sticks to the recipe for “Barbie” cinema, according to which the main character is cast in some classic story. At the same time, however, the production breaks with the stereotype that Barbie must necessarily play some kind of princess (or at least a lady). Because who says Barbie can’t be a Musketeer? Barbie without a ball gown, but with a sword, is an attraction in itself. Add to that a fast-paced plot (there’s also a training montage!) and a message about believing in yourself and fighting for your dreams. And we have another solid entry on the list.

Barbie: Dolphin Magic

In Barbie: Dolphin Magic, Barbie and her sisters help a mermaid rescue a stranded dolphin. As it happens in the “Barbie” category of films, the heroines embody the idea of sisterly strength, which they express in a song sung by four voices. The production emanates a healthy “girl power”, this time enriched with a positive pro-ecological message. We also have here an interesting version of Ken as Barbie’s amiable colleague, without a shadow of a romantic temptation. In the end, it is not the titular dolphins who steal the viewers’ love, but the cute puppies accompanying the heroines.

Barbie Video Game Hero

The presence of Barbie in the World of Games in this list may be perceived as controversial. The film is far from being a fan-favorite like “Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper” is. The reason may be an untypical convention that differs from the usual Barbie films. This time Barbie is magically drawn into her favorite video game and has to take part in roller-skating races. The subsequent “levels” of the film are maintained in different “game” styles. There are levels inspired by the”Paper Mario” series, the”TRON” movie, and even”Minecraft”. The heroine has to face evil viruses and save the zero-one world, and at the same time she learns the benefits of competition and that rules – especially the unfair ones – exist to be broken.

Barbie: Star Light Adventure

Barbie: Star Light Adventure” attempts to refresh the conventions of the series a bit. Instead of a fairy tale setting, the creators have opted for science fiction, and the plot point of departure is reminiscent of films from popular young adult series such as”Prisoner of the Labyrinth”,”Incompatible” or”The Hunger Games”. There is, however, no shortage of obligatory girl power. Barbie takes the role of a space surfer riding a flying board. The heroine must overcome her attempt to close the world in a frame of rigid rules and learn the art of compromise. It’s a moral that minor viewers will smoothly translate into their relationships with their friends, siblings, and parents. Turns out, Barbie works well in space, too.

Barbie in Rock’n Royals

This time Barbie plays Courtney, who has to join forces with Erika to save a rock festival from closure. As a result of the confusion, the heroines switch places, and the crux of the plot is the girls’ attempts to adjust to the new environment. Princess Courtney has to find her way at a rally of young rock stars, while unruly Erika takes her place at a camp for aristocrats. Of course, it all comes down to the message that it’s not the clothes that make the man. But there are plenty of catchy songs along the way. So don’t be surprised if after the screening your kids get interested in rock’n’roll.

Barbie in the Nutcracker

“Barbie in the Nutcracker” is a film that deserves a place on this list if only for its historical value. For this is the first part of the series, the beginning of a long list of Barbie’s cinematic incarnations. This time we get a loose adaptation of E. T. A. Hoffmann’s “The Nutcracker” with music based on a Tchaikovsky ballet. The heroine is Clara, who receives a wooden figurine of the Nutcracker of the title. At night she discovers that her new toy is alive. The series about Barbie ‘s adventures never captivated with its smooth animation, but”Barbie in the Nutcracker” has grown very old in this respect. The charm, however, remained.

Barbie and the Diamond Castle

The heroines of”Barbie and the Diamond Castle” are two best friends, Liana and Alexa. In order to save their friend who lives on the other side of an enchanted mirror, the girls embark on a journey to find the Diamond Castle. They’ll be aided in their perilous quest by music, two adorable puppies and, of course, the power of their friendship. As a rule, films from the “Barbie” series are at their best when the girls’ friendship is at the heart of the story. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that”Barbie and the Diamond Castle”, where friendship turns out to be the real treasure, is one of the best parts – the more so that there are also such attractions as dragons or magical castles.

Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses

The happy lives of Barbie and her 11 sisters are disrupted by the appearance of their father’s greedy cousin. However, Barbie discovers a passage to a magical world where the sisters will be able to continue dancing. The plot point of “Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses” presents the filmmakers with a challenge that they manage to meet with class: there are twelve heroines! Somehow, though, each has her own personality, which works beautifully for a message about the need for creativity and sisterly solidarity. Of course, it’s the film in the Barbie series that will most interest female (and male) dance lovers, and it has to be said that the dancing sisters come off as a definite plus.

Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper

Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper” is a favorite of all Barbie fans and is widely considered the best part of the series. The story is loosely inspired by Mark Twain’s “Princess and the Pauper“. So we have the tale of a princess who switches places with a girl strikingly similar to her in order to – of course – find love. The swapping of places provides a lot of plot attractions, the songs are good, and Preminger (voiced by Martin Short in the original) is a superb villain. The central moral of the Barbie series – the message about the power of friendship – is, of course, resounding.

Which other films from Barbie adventure series would you put on the list?”Barbie as Princess of the Isles”,”Barbie and the Princess Academy” or maybe”Barbie as Rapunzel”? Write in the comments your types.

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