Apple is preparing a new Mac Pro. It is to receive an improved M2 chip

The Cupertino-based conglomerate is said to be working on a new Mac Pro desktop computer, according to one of Apple’s top analysts, Mark Gurman. It is expected to receive a much improved Apple M2 chip, which will be available in several versions.

While the attention of those interested in Apple computers is focused on the MacBook Pro 14/16 laptops due to arrive in the coming weeks, the Cupertino giant’s plans also include a new iteration of the powerful Mac Pro PC.

As reported by Mark Gurman, Apple is expected to announce a new version of the Mac Pro based on the Apple M2 chip in the coming months. However, these will be two significantly improved versions – the M2 Ultra and the M2 Extreme.

According to reports, Apple is already said to be testing a configuration based on the Ultra variant, with the chip expected to have 24 CPU cores and 76 graphics execution units. In addition, the trial version will also include up to 192GB of RAM.

Much more interesting are the likely specs for the M2 Extreme model, which is expected to have a 48-core CPU and a GPU with 152 graphics cores. Up to 256GB of RAM is also expected to be on board the new Mac Pro.

More information on the new Mac Pro can be expected only next year.

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