A film where the audience faints in the cinema. The director is horrified. “I don’t want people to get hurt”.

More and more media reports are emerging around the film ‘Terrifier 2’. American viewers are said to react extremely strongly at screenings: they faint and vomit during the screening. “Walking out of a screening would be fine, it’s like a badge of honour. But what happens is surreal,” – said the horror director.

The film ‘Terrifier 2’ is provoking extreme reactions in audiences, the US media are warning. Nevertheless, the second part of Damien Leone’s horror film became an unexpected box office hit – according to many, this was influenced by the release date, which fell close to the American holiday of Halloween. The story of murderous clowns earned more than one million dollars, which is quite a success considering that there is no media giant behind the film. The horror film is an indie product, the filmmakers only spent $250,000 on it, and the production has virtually no promotion.

So why is it such a success? It is most likely related to subsequent articles reporting that audiences do not last to the end of the screening – some leave the cinema, but others happen to faint and vomit. Photos of people being carried out of cinema halls assisted by paramedics have appeared on social media. In this way, ‘Terrifier 2’ has become something of a test for horror lovers – they want to see if they can stand it.

“I would be happy if some of the audience walked out of the screening. That would have been fine, because I would have taken it away as a badge of honour. It’s an intense film! But I don’t want them to faint and get hurt. What happens is surreal.” – The horror director told Entertainment Weekly magazine. Leone suggested that viewers who want to go to the screening should first see the first part of the horror film. “There is the already famous chainsaw scene. We tried to top it this time,” he revealed.

“Terrifier 2” ends with a so-called cliffhanger, a scene that leaves the viewer with an understatement. This means that Leone will most likely return with another instalment of the clown-murderer series.

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